Ready to take simple steps to go vegan?

Here are all the ways we can create your vegan life together.

Vegan Pocket Coaching

Anxious about your first (or 15th) vegan holiday season? Not sure how to tell your host that you're vegan? Not sure what to bring to a holiday meal? Don't want to be that vegan at your work holiday party? Scared about the arguments that are going to start with your carnivore uncle? Get Carleigh in your pocket to help you plan for these events, navigate the communication, figure out your meals, & feel confident to live vegan throughout the holiday season! 

Minimalist Vegan Eating Course


Overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to eat? Getting frustrated every time you go grocery shopping? Not sure how to cook vegan meals? Need a simple approach to endless, simple, vegan meals? Jump into this course & learn how to take a minimalistic approach to vegan meals. Leave the frustration & overwhelm behind for simple delicious meals. 

1:1 Vegan Transition Coaching

Want to go vegan, but have no clue where to start? Scared you won't be able to make it work? Anxious about the responses you'll get from family & friends? Worried you'll be missing some nutrients while you transition? Not sure how to cook any of those weird vegan foods? Let's join forces & figure out how to make veganism work in your life. No drastic changes, just sustainable shifts to a vegan life. Simplicity is key for success. You can live your vegan life!

Cut The Cheese



Do you LOVE cheese? Every meal you make has some parmesan, cheddar, or gouda? Sometimes you just eat cheese on it's own, because it's delicious? You have no clue how you're actually going to cut cheese out of your life? Not sure how to even make meals that taste good without cheese?