Eating Vegan SUCKS.

Eating the same thing every day.

Not knowing what to eat or how to cook it.

Spending way too much time in the kitchen & too much money at the store trying to enjoy it.


Trying to make a difference, but not enjoying it.


I have good news for you...

This is the end of



& expensive

vegan eating.


Minimalist Vegan Eating:

Meal Plans

Simple Vegan Meal Plans in your inbox, every week.

Vegan Meal Plans full of

simple (easy-to-find) ingredients, easy (anyone-can-do-it) cooking techniques,

& delicious food that won't break the bank.

  • Eating the same thing every day

  • Searching for recipes that taste as good as they look

  • Trying to figure out what the difference is between broil, bake, steam, & sautee

  • Reading every single ingredient on the nutrition label to make sure those frozen dinners are vegan

Stop wasting your time


What you get

7 Days, 3 Meals a day + weekly dessert & snack recipes

7 days, 3 meals a day, plus a weekly dessert & fun snack recipe to try. The meal plans are focused around simple, easy-to-find ingredients that won't break the budget. Using similar ingredients each day for different meals to maintain variety while simplifying shopping & prep.

Weekly Grocery Shopping List

Everything you need to feed 1 person on the minimalist vegan eating meal plan. You can easily multiply the amount to feed more people (or stock-up). No fancy ingredients that you'll have to search high & low for. 

Simple Meal Prep Plan

Meal prepping that will save you time. No need to cook every single thing the weekend before (but, you can if you want!). The Meal Prep Plan will involve simple, time-saving tricks to make cooking easier throughout the busy week. These are completely optional, but will save you time.


That's only $3/week

To no longer feel stressed, overwhelmed, or bored with your vegan eating!

Start enjoying your vegan eating.